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It began one January night back in 2002, on the second floor of a purple house in San Francisco’s Castro district. We were a small group of queer youth with a couple microphones and a bunch of big ideas. We knew our stories mattered. We wanted our voices to be heard. With a crackle and a hum, outLoud Radio was born.

Through years of broadcasts and podcasts, pirate radio shows and international audio festivals, with countless moments of connection, laughter and growth, we’ve stuck to that same basic idea: our stories have the power to change the world. And we discovered that stories can change the teller too.

Our Mission

OutLoud Radio increases the well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer young people by helping them develop the skills and confidence to decide for themselves how they will be represented, advance social justice and make the most of their lives.

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127 Collingwood St.
San Francisco, CA 94114-2411

Participants in outLoud's Summer 2013 Youth Podcast Project with outLoud Executive Director Noah Miller (bottom left)


outLoud Radio is a sponsored project of the Lavender Youth Recreation & Information Center in San Francisco. We would not be here without generous support from Youth Empowerment Fund, Youth Funding Youth Ideas, The San Francisco Foundation, Horizons Foundation, Global Education Partnership, Julie Mordecai/The Mordecai Foundation, the Paul Robeson Fund, the Small Change Foundation, the University of California, Youth Leadership Institute, and wonderful individual donors.


outLoud is a member of the Advisory Board of Generation PRX.

You have a story... Shout it!

Join outLoud, a radio project by and for queer & questioning youth & allies, 23 & under. Learn how to make radio documentaries, audio art, and web radio. Voice your opinions, your stories, and unleash your creativity.

We need:
reporters. engineers. musicians. poets. commentators. organizers. people with stories. people who know people who have stories. people who aren't afraid to find people with stories. a variety of age groups, backgrounds, and experiences.

email us: info@outloudradio.org
or call: 415.658.6010